Colleen + Dominic’s Adventure at Point Reyes, CA
Colleen + Dom's Epic Adventure Session
03.23.17  Adventure
Point Reyes, CA

We’ve only met with Colleen + Dominic once over video chat prior to finally meeting them in person. When we all met up in California, it felt like we had been long lost friends! Crazy thing was, when we video chatted with them online, they were in Illinois, we were in Colorado, and we finally met in person in California! Thank you internet for making it so easy to connect from states away! (Despite some occasional wifi problems, hah!)

We decided to photograph at Point Reyes because Dom works in San Francisco, and it’s an easy 1 hour drive to get there. It was a location neither of them had been to, and it was the perfect adventure! We had the perfect weather (after it’s been raining for 6 weeks straight!), everything was green and lush, and spring was already well on it’s way, everything was blooming!

During their engagement shoot (we like to call them adventure session), Colleen + Dominic graced us with an acoustic duet at the North Beach of Point Reyes (Video at the end of this post). Their duet was angelic! The way Dominic strums the guitar, and Colleen’s voice and body language, and the way their voices blended together was breathtaking. It was as if we were watching them dance around each other during the entire the duet.

After the shoot, we got to all hang out and have dinner together at Cafe Reyes for some amazing thin crust wood fire pizza. It was the first time for all of us trying anchovies pizza. We each wouldn’t have gotten anchovies on our pizza by ourselves, but since we had a few people to help take on the challenge, we did it! We concluded that it tasted fine, but it’s probably not something we would get on our pizzas again! The experience was well worth the food adventure! We all got to try a few different flavors too! We are so glad know that we and Colleen + Dom all share the same passion for good food! (That’s the secret sauce for a great marriage and long lasting friendship y’all!)

Colleen + Dom are some of the sweetest people (seriously!), and we cannot wait to be photographing their wedding!

Colleen + Dominic’s Adventure at Point Reyes, CA Colleen + Dominic’s Adventure at Point Reyes, CA

Point Reyes
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