Kellie + Mike’s Desert Adventure
Kellie + Mike's Desert Adventure
07.04.17  Adventure
Great Sand Dunes, Colorado

Kellie + Mike were driving in from Santa Fe, NM, while we were driving in from Denver, CO. As we both got to the San Luis Valley as we approach the Great Sand Dunes, it had crossed our minds that the shoot may not be happening. We saw dark storm clouds, and even a couple cloud funnels that appeared to have touched the ground.

As we all arrived at the sand dunes’ parking lot safely, we were met by Jumanji swarms of mosquitos ready to feast! We didn’t know how long we would last out there, but we ran as fast as we could toward the sand dunes.

Right as we began to start photographing, the wind picked up and blew the mosquitos away, at the same time we were sand blasted in the dunes! And then…

… a miracle happened!

The wind died down, the storm clouds rolled away, and we were greeted by the gentle warm kisses of the sun. We couldn’t have asked for better weather for the rest of the shoot. What an adventure indeed!

We are excited to photograph Kellie + Mike’s wedding in a couple of months in Crested Butte, CO. Praying for no Jumanji mosquitos! ;)

Kellie + Mike’s Desert Adventure Kellie + Mike’s Desert Adventure

Great Sand Dunes, CO